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GOHL Chapter

Being part of a local chapter is a requirement for accessing the Global Oral Health Leaders’ vast network of information and resources, and it is also one of the keys to our overall success. Local chapters give each dental community a unified front, providing a more powerful voice than a lone individual. Local chapters provide enhanced representation for our worldwide organization as well as enhanced action toward our mission of connecting local and global oral health professionals with the ultimate goal of creating a better world.

Each chapter represents Global Oral Health Leaders in its respective community, with several chapters already established across the U.S. and as far reaching as Brazil. Our chapters are aligned with universities and professional dental schools where membership can be easily promoted and resources easily shared. Group settings provide a creative brainstorming environment, conducive to new ideas. A structured group also helps ensure that information can be efficiently and easily shared within the group and with the rest of our network on a global level.

Chapters are especially vital for providing hyper-local opportunities for volunteering, education, and professional networking that would be challenging to provide through a sole centralized office in a single location.

Having local chapters also benefits Global Oral Health Leaders as a whole by ensuring the quality and caliber of information shared is at a premium. The chapter president serves as our on-site organizer, director and leader who can provide chapter members with information and answer questions in a timely and effective manner, or swiftly direct you to the proper representative in our central office who can. Our central office, in turn, can just as swiftly and easily disperse information to chapter members in an entire dental community through its chapter president, ensuring valuable information is not lost or opportunities missed.

We encourage all chapters to seek group grant and education opportunities as well as organize your own efforts to fulfill our organization’s mission in your local communities. Sharing your philanthropic activities on the Global Oral Health Leaders website not only assists other chapters with ideas for their own activities but it proves we truly can make a difference, one community at a time.

To set up a chapter of Global Oral Health Leaders in your professional dental community, first hold a meeting for interested individuals, elect your chapter officers, and then contact our central office for the required paperwork to apply or easily apply through the website. We can also answer any questions and provide further details on specific requirements. Please call 480-219-6000 or e-mail